In the heights play critique

They were vibrant and full of life.

Theater review: 'In the Heights' at Pantages Theatre

Conceived by the eminently likable composer and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda, who has a leading role in the cast, the show brings a multicultural sound and sensibility to what is ultimately a very conventional feel-good musical experience. But in a moment alone, Nina reveals that she struggled at college.

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Across the street, as Daniela closes her salon forever, she reveals one last bit of juicy news. And Porchlight's intimate production, featuring killer music direction by Diana Lawrence, gives every member of its community time to shine.

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In the Heights review – utterly huggable musical lights up London

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In the Heights

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In the Heights pulses to a joyful new beat, and youthfulness has its advantages. It made me think of  a much earlier valentine to to a New York neighborhood: Wonderful Town.

Review by Eric. Feb 09,  · Lin-Manuel Miranda, center, in the musical “In the Heights.” Credit Sara Krulwich/The New York Times. Coffee, light and sweet, is the fuel that. Stephen is very excited to be a part of the case of In The Heights at Porchlight Music Theatre.

Playing “Benny” has always been a dream of his. He has bee nperforming in theatrical productions for the past five years. He continues to play guitar, piano and bass alongside his brother who continues to be a source of inspiration and.

Mar 10,  · First seen Off Broadway last year, “In the Heights” moves uptown with its considerable assets confidently in kitaharayukio-arioso.comon: W. 46th St, Midtown West.

In the heights play critique
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