Writing a band press kit

Writing Articles October 22, A lot of what you have been told about creating your image is false. Recording artists, songwriters, performers and producers all benefit from well-written bios.

Electronic Press Kit

Your bio represents your first opportunity to spark interest in someone who will be a champion for your music. Your bio is often your first impression to those who visit your website, social media accounts, and those who read about you online or in magazines.

Can I write my own bio? Client names give reporters a list of sources to call if they want to expand coverage of your company and get a take from "the other side.

Upworthy and Buzzfeed are masters at click baiting and are trumping nearly every traditional news outlet's digital traffic. If you share news often, it isn't necessary to include every single one—just pull out the milestones and other big announcements.

You realize these sites simply rip what the band wrote in their bio on the band homepage. The difference between Rolling Stone music editorial staff and the La Crosse Tribune music editorial "staff" person is one of them has a backlog of tens of thousands of CDs waiting to be reviewed and the other is in constant need of material.

By this time I have lost some of you. The trick is that this only applies to well written bios. This way, you can get back to it later with a fresh perspective. The Biography Page This is intended to give some small personal facts about you and your background to give the reporter the material to pull together a very short introduction or note about you.

For city and regional media, give them a local angle. I'm not going to tell you how to dress. Very few people understand that the pitch letter is even more important than a press release when it comes to author PR.

Remember, your bio is about your music, not shouldn't be a life story. It is only a cousin to the Rock music streaming out of my car windows and up and down the dirt roads of my teenage years.

How do you research your books? I am not a professional photographer. If you want to be taken seriously as an artist, you have to have promotional material, and your band bio is a critical component of your press kit.

Make sure it's coherent, unique to you, and flows like a story that separates you from others. Oftentimes the music reviewer runs out of time and needs to fill content. While caterwauling still abounds, the group actually took the time to push its noisy little envelope a bit.

Never mistake hype for substance. I am not a stylist.St. Louis’ Most Versatile Band PRESS KIT Introducing THE MATT MCCALLIE ORCHESTRA In addition to meticulously transcribed cover songs we have an award winning songwriter writing original arrangements of popular songs that no other band in the world is playing.

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Press Release Template 1 brings you a convenient program which is built to write an effective press release. It is a template in Microsoft Word format.

To use it click and type to create a standard-format press release that can be submitted to any of.

How to Write a Bio for a Press Kit

A press kit is a collection of written materials designed to introduce an expert or a company to the media. Often these materials are contained in an attractive folder and accompanied by a cover letter. The goal of a press kit is threefold: Highlight the issues your expert can address, or that your.

When writing your bio, it's fine to include a brief history of your bands formation, but too much details can quickly bore your readers.

7 Essentials For A Press Kit

Remember, your bio is about your music, not shouldn't be a life story. Put Your Best Foot Forward.

Electronic Press Kits

Promoters, talent buyers, and booking agents often review dozens, if not hundreds, of new Artists every day. With the Electronic Press Kit (EPK), you can make sure that your first impression is a lasting one.

Writing a band press kit
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